Calls to Lethbridge Rattlesnake Hotline Nearly Six Times Higher than Last Year

A busy spring and summer for those responding to Lethbridge's rattlesnake hotline.

A huge increase in the number of calls to Lethbridge's rattlesnake hotline this past spring and summer. The City of Lethbridge says there were 173 calls, nearly six times as many as last year, between April and October. Helen Schuler Nature Centre Technician, Jessica Deacon-Rogers, says more awareness about the hotline, especially from rattlesnake consultant Ryan Heavy Head on social media, is the main reason for the jump. Though she says not all of the calls required relocation, and that some cases just required a bit of education about living with rattlesnakes. Deacon-Rogers says west side development near the river valley has also changed rattlesnake habitats making them more visible in areas where they may not have been before. A breakdown of the rattlesnake calls and the locations can be found below. Rattlesnakes are hibernating now and the hotline is closed for the season. -Tina Giesbrecht
Hardieville - 2
Sandstone Ridge - 2
Indian Battle Park - 3
Legacy Ridge - 4
Ridgewood/ Heritage Heights - 5
SunRidge - 5
Varsity Village - 6
Popson Park - 6
Scenic Drive - 7
RiverStone - 8
Bridge Drive - 11
Lower Canyons - 19
Upper Canyons - 68
University of Lethbridge - 27
Total: 173
University of Lethbridge - 14
Paradise Canyon/ Canyons - 7
SunRidge - 1
Bridge Drive - 1
Far west acreages/ Sunset Acres - 1
Copperwood - 1
RiverStone - 2
Bridgeview RV Resort - 2
Total: 29
Jessica Deacon-Rogers

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