Busy Year For CBSA at Southern Alberta Border Crossings

Coutts Border Crossing. Photo credit to CBSA

The Canada Border Services Agency says over the past year officers seized more than 50 undeclared firearms at southern Alberta ports of entry, over 30 of those were handguns.

Guns and drugs........two of the major highlights this year for the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) in southern Alberta. The CBSA seized millions of dollars in drugs in the past 12 months at southern Alberta crossings, two of the biggest busts coming in the past couple of weeks with suspected cocaine seized at Coutts. Also, CBSA officers seized more than 50 undeclared firearms at local crossings this year, more than 30 of those were handguns. Border Services Director, Guy Rook says the CBSA takes great pride in knowing that by securing the border, they're making southern Alberta communities safer. - Pat Siedlecki

Southern Alberta CBSA Highlights During 2017

* On December 2, CBSA officers at Coutts intercepted a commercial vehicle carrying 84 bricks of suspected cocaine. This was the largest suspected cocaine seizure recorded by the CBSA in Alberta. Had the 99.5 kilograms seized been street-ready, it would have been enough for over 100,000 hits.
* CBSA officers in southern Alberta seized more than 50 undeclared firearms, including more than 30 handguns. Officers at Chief Mountain found four handguns in a pickup truck on July 3. Also of note, a seven-gun seizure made at Coutts on April 7 resulted in a $15,000 court fine on September 22.
* Officers made more than 120 arrests for various reasons including impaired driving, smuggling of prohibited goods, and outstanding warrants. When the subject of a warrant seeks entry to Canada, the CBSA will enforce the warrant as directed by the issuing agency.
* CBSA officers in southern Alberta are on track to process more than 1,000,000 travellers this year.


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