Alberta MLA's Vote Down Bill to Get Rid of Daylight Saving Time in Province

Albertans will continue to change clocks twice a year after MLA's voted down a Bill which would've created Alberta Standard Time.

Alberta will not be doing away with Daylight Saving Time. MLAs have voted overwhelming to kill a bill which would've scapped the twice a year time change in the province. The vote passed by a vote of 46 to 6. The bill proposed to create Alberta Standard Time, keeping the province on the same time as neighbouring Saskatchewan all year long. A few weeks back though, an all-party committee which gathered feedback from across the province, said changing the time would have a negative impact on Alberta's economy. The other concern was being one hour behind most of British Columbia in the summer and two hours behind in the winter. United Conservative MLA Dave Hanson suggested in the legislature Monday that being that much out of step with B.C. would be "a bit insane." - Pat Siedlecki

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