Alberta Health Services Reporting 2,400 New Influenza Cases Across Province in Past Three Weeks

Alberta Health Services is reporting 2,400 new cases of influenza across the province between December 21 and January 11.

Another 2,400 new cases of influenza being reported across the province over the past three weeks. There are now a total of 5,767 lab-confirmed cases of the flu in Alberta. 75% of those are influenza A and the majority of cases are still being reported in the Calgary area. Here in the south zone, there are 321 confirmed cases of influenza A - up from 197 just before Christmas, and 113 southern Albertans have been admitted to hospital since August. There have also been 31 flu-related deaths across Alberta with 16 in Calgary, 10 in Edmonton and two here in the South Zone. -Tina Giesbrecht

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