Alberta Government Releases New Draft K-4 School Curriculum

The current curriculum remains in effect until the future provincial curriculum is approved by the Minister of Education. Timelines for implementation of the future provincial curriculum have yet to be set.

The Alberta government releasing a draft of the province's new Kindergarten to Grade 4 school curriculum.

Over two years ago, Alberta Education began work on developing new provincial curriculum in six subject areas: language arts, math, social studies, sciences, arts, and wellness education.

Education Minister David Eggen says they've developed a curriculum that is common sense, practical and in alignment with up-to-date research. He says this curriculum rewrite process has been open and transparent, and the province has received more than 70,000 responses on the draft curriculum. Eggen notes the NDP government has been working hard to ensure that this curriculum focuses on the priorities of Albertans so it can set students up for success in a fast-changing world.

The timeline is to have this new K to 4 curriculum approved by December.

You can view the draft online on the Learn Alberta website.

- Pat Siedlecki

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