2017 CJOC Eliminator


Congratulations to our 2017 winner, Gary Yellowhorn! Gary chose Prize #42, FREE GROCERIES FOR A YEAR! Thanks to everyone who played and Congratulations again Gary on behalf of everyone from Epic Roofing & Exteriors and all of us here at 94.1 CJOC!
94.1 CJOC returns with The Eliminator! Brought to you by Epic Roofing & Exteriors ! Pick a desired prize from the game board…and prepare to defend it by eliminating another one! Play 4 times daily! Beginning with Jordan and Char weekday mornings at 7:50. Then again at 11:50 with Erin Lucas, at 3:50 with Ryan Mennie and during the random cheap shot play! All eliminators qualify to win the last prize standing! Will it be yours??
1. Rider Pride 2. Picture Perfect 3. A Brand New USED Car 4. Lost In Paradise 5. $5,000 On eBay
Saskatchewan Roughrider season tickets for 2 in the CJOC Section of Mosaic Stadium. Hotel stay for every home game and $2000 in fuel to get you there and back this season. Go Green! $5000 towards professional family photos for the next 5 years from one of Southern Alberta's best photographers. Up to $5000 towards the purchase of a new to you USED car from a local dealer of your choice. 18 rounds of 18 holes for you and a buddy with Power Cart at the Beautiful Paradise Canyon Golf Resort. We can't fix your slice, hook or bad golf etiquette…but look at all the opportunities for you to work on those things yourself! We'll set you up with a PayPal Account with $5,000 in it. Shop online to buy anything you like in the anonymity of your own home... hey, we don't judge!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
6. Academy Awards 7. Money For Nothin' 8. You Jerk(y)! 9. The Bucket List Trip 10. I Love Rock 'n Roll
A copy of every Best Picture (that is on Blu-ray) a 50" HDTV, HDMI Cables & a Blu-ray player to watch some of the biggest award winners ever! $5000 baby! Blow it as you please! …but seriously, you should do something smart with it, right? (nah!) 200 pounds of award-winning Beef Jerky, Pork Jerky, Turkey Jerky, Pepperoni & Sausage. Vegas! You MUST place $1000 on one hand of blackjack, see what happens! Then Skydiving, a bungee jump & finally off to the range to unload a few clips from an M16 machine gun. $5000 worth of studio time at a recording studio for you and your band.
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
11. Dirty Laundry 12. Two-For-One 13. Start Me Up 14. Center Ice 15. A Year In Your Beer
A brand new fridge, oven, dishwasher, washer & dryer. We'll whisk you away to New York for two nights of live music. Tom Petty on July 27th followed by Queen the next night! Up to $5000 to help you go back to school for some classes & gettin' gooder at bein' smarterer.  Lethbridge College is waiting for you! New hockey equipment for you & your kids, and all the materials needed to make your own backyard rink. Neighborhood kids not included, although we think you'll acquire them if you have a rink in your back yard. 4 Cases of your favorite brew EVERY WEEK for a year. If you don't have a lot of friends…you will after you win this!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
16. Kiss Alberta Goodbye 17. Deep Tissue 18. Dr. 90210 19. Fake & Bake 20. Wanna Castle?
Pack all of your makeup & favorite big black boots because you're heading out on the 7th annual Kiss Kruise in November! Chiropractic adjustment and massage every week for one year - and NO...not THAT kind of massage. $5000 to spend at a Medical Laser & Vein Center. If not genetically blessed with the body part(s) you want…buy them! One year tanning plus a full supply of lotions, goggles & moisturizers. New skis, boards, boots & gear for your family... along with a 2017/2018 season family pass at Castle Mountain.
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
21. Family Game Night 22. Home Theater 23. Here Fishy Fishy 24. Tool Time Heaven 25. Football & Fun
Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200! Thankfully it's just a game! We'll set you up with all the board games you can handle, a games table to play them on PLUS... Ping Pong, Air Hockey & Foosball tables! You provide the room & we'll provide you with your own Movie Theater. You'll get a 50'' HDTV; Blu-ray Home Theater system, your very own popcorn machine & 94 of your favorite candy bars. Finally, you'll catch that elusive big one. We'll outfit you with a fishing boat, the best fishing rod money can buy & some high-tech gear so you can track down jaws yourself! We absolutely will NOT supply your tall fishing tales. Liar! You'll think you've died & gone to Tool Time Heaven with 5-grand worth of Craftsman tools. Craftsman tools carry a lifetime guarantee! So this isn't just 5-grand worth o' tools, its tools for life! Trip for 2 to the 2018 Pro Bowl. If you miss the football game, uh..you're still not in Southern Alberta…could be worse!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
26. Future Hall Of Famer 27. Costco Crunch 28. Lay Down Sally 29. HNIC 30. Happy Gilmore
Send your child to hockey camp. We will even pay to sharpen his or her skates. If you find it hard to leave Costco without dropping at least a couple hundred bucks..then this should be a piece of cake. You'll have 94 minutes to drop $5,000! We'll buy your membership too! One unused (or at least that’s what the guy told us) King Size bed and bedding! Pick a regular season game in any NHL city and we'll send you there.. with cash! Trip for 2 to the 2017 PGA Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida this Mother's Day!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
31. They Say It's Your Birthday! 32. You Can Turn Back Time 33. Potato Slice 34. Lawn Jockey 35. Double Vision
A super birthday celebration including Live band, Bounce House, clowns, piñata, booze & more! Cher & Elton John from the 70's, 80's, 90's or now? I bet it's all of the above! Catch Cher with Elton John in Vegas this May! 18 rounds of 18 holes for you & a buddy with Power Cart at the Beautiful Taber Golf Course. If you slice it at this course… deep fry it and eat it! If you're Mr. or Mrs. Serious pants about your lawn, you really shouldn't be seen pushing a rusty old grass-whacker. Why walk, when you can ride… on your new riding lawn mower! $5000 towards laser eye surgery.
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
36. Gotta Have My Tim's 37. Knockin' On Heaven's Door 38. Meat You Can't Beat 39. Man's Best Friend 40. Wrapped Around Your Finger
Gotta have your Tim Horton's coffee? Can't live without it? We understand; we're hooked too. We want to help keep your caffeine rush going - never buy coffee again! We'll set you up with a Tim Horton's coffee every day for the next 6 years! $5000 towards a life insurance policy for you! More for the carnivore! We'll provide 5-grand in top-quality meat so you can really annoy the vegetarian in your family. A deep freeze full of pork, beef & chicken for roughly the next 5 years! We'll give you up to $5000 towards the purchase of a new four legged member of your family, plus all the toys, training and food you need. It's true love expressed in the form of a piece of stone! A diamond ring so she can brag to all of her friends how great you are.
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
41. Dinner's On Us 42. Free Groceries For A Year 43. Happiest Rears Of Your Life 44. Mountain Men 45. $5 Footlong
Why cook? Get out of the house for a nice dinner for 2, at restaurants of your choice, once a week for a year! This prize is…..well, you're a smart kid, you'll figure it out. If Your resolution every year is to lose some weight, we'll help! We'll provide you with a 2 year gym membership & throw in a personal trainer to make sure that the next couple years are the happiest 'rears' of your life. 2 mountain bikes, bike roof rack system & a pair of bike helmets. A footlong a day, everyday for 2 years!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
46. The Great Outdoors 47. Play Harder at Home 48. Rug Rats 49. The Playground 50. Nerd Alert
Nothing like the great outdoors to free your spirit! With all the camping equipment you're getting, you'll never again feel the smothering binds of society. U2 head out on tour this year (are they ever NOT on tour?) and this is your chance to see them play to their homecrowd in Dublin this July! Your upstairs could use a little extra floor covering huh? We'll set you up with up to $5000 in hair transplants to turn your chrome dome into a healthy forest. You'll have to provide your own security to keep the ladies off you when you're done! Won't you be the neighborhood's coolest parents when we install a jungle gym, sandbox, & trampoline in your backyard! If you can't earn your kids love and respect, you can always buy it with cool toys! Airfare & accommodations for 2 to San Diego Comic Con - the World's largest comic convention.
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
51. Happy 2018! 52. Fun in the Sun 53. One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor 54. Shop 'til Ya Drop In Palm Springs 55. Shop 'til Ya Drop In Toronto
A trip for 2 to the biggest party of the year! New Years Eve in New York City to see the big ball drop. We'll hook you up with 2 seats somewhere warm on the next CJOC Sunscape to Paradise with Marlin Travel! A trip for 2 to Cancun, Mexico and a years worth of tequila. We'll fly ya to Palm Springs where you'll spend two days and 2-grand of our (your) cash! We'll fly ya to the Big Smoke where you'll spend two days and 2-grand of our (your) cash!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
56. Ocean's 14 57. iSaid What? 58. Pool Shark 59. I Drink Alone 60. Surfin' USA
We'll send you to Vegas with airfare and accommodations and $2,000 in cash to create your own Ocean's story! We'll also get you a Bluray copy of all the Ocean's films. His and Her's iPads, iPods and iPhones! We'll give you $5000 toward a pool table for your family. Liquor cabinet empty again? Not any more!  Restock your Spirits, Wine, Liqueurs & Mixes with $5K in booze…. for when company comes over…ya, company..riiiight. A trip for 2 including airfare and hotel accommodations to Hawaii, 2 Ron Jon surfboards & Hawaiian shirts to wear!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
61. Listen to the Music 62. My You Have Big Mouse Ears 63. Shake & Bake 64. Breath Mint? 65. Pamper Mama
Top of the line GPS so you don't get lost, radar detector so you don't get caught, a Bluetooth so you don't get distracted, an alarm system so it won't get stolen, a remote starter cause you're lazy & a new audio/video deck & speakers to make us sound even better on the road! A family Disney trip to California. Enrollment in the Dale Jarrett Racing School, 20 Laps on the Talladega Speedway plus hotel & airfare! $5000 in Dental Care. You thought a trip to the spa was great?  This winner will pick her choice of spa AND the city to enjoy it in!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
66. Nanny-Cam 67. Tattoo You 68.  Hittin' The 'Lee 69. The Holy Grail 70. The Graduate
Free child care for one year. Up to $5000 in tattoos or piercings from your choice of artist! 18 rounds of 18 holes for you & a buddy with Power Cart at the picturesque Lee Creek Golf Course at Cardston. Airfare & accommodations in Toronto, tickets to the Hockey Hall of Fame, a new digital camera to take a picture beside the Stanley Cup, and $2000 to spend on souvenirs! A DVD copy of the movie (because is it even out on Blu-ray?) and a $5000 college fund for your kid(s)!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
71. The Grass Is Always Greener 72. Cover Me 73. Picture This 74. The Lotto 75. Rockstar
Lawn Care and landscaping (the works) for one year. Never buy makeup again! All the lotions, potions & beauty products you could ever want... or need! 18 rounds of 18 holes for you & a buddy with Power Cart at the Picture Butte Golf Club.  In our world, Mulligan's DO exist! $5000 in lottery tickets. Could be a million dollar prize… Hey... remember us if it is! A new guitar, amp & a wardrobe of skin tight pants…and the schematic drawings of Stone Henge for your first big show!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
76. Against The Wind 77. Livin' On The edge 78. Land-Oh-No! 79. Call Of Duty! 80. Cabo Wabo
Motorcycle training to obtain your class 6 license. You work hard enough to get the license, we'll send you to a quaint, annual motorcycle rally to meet new friends… Sturgis this August! We've set it all up... the boat, the guide, the wet-suits & your hotel. You and a buddy are off to the Canadian Rockies for a white-knuckled white water rafting adventure! 18 rounds of 18 holes for you & a buddy with Power Cart at Land-O-Lakes Golf Club. Remember, at this course the object is to hit the "Land" part of "Land-O". The latter part only if you're a duck! Why take turns when you've got two Playstations, two Wii's, two Xbox's & a whole pile o' games! Did we mention you'll get two TVs too? One week trip for 2 to Cabo, Mexico. A bottle of Sammy Hagar's Cabo Wabo Tequila & a table for 2 at the Cabo Wabo Cantina for a romantic dinner…OK, it's not really romantic….it's Cabo, people!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
81. I Heard It Through The Grapevine 82. Should I Stay Or Should I Go! 83. Running On Empty 84. From 1 Windy City To Another! 85. Entourage
Trip for 2 to Napa Valley, USA where you can pick your grapes and drink them too! You want out? Who are we to judge! We'll just put 5-grand in the hand of a lawyer to help cover the cost of the divorce. Our true hope is that you'll reconcile & blow the $5k on a second honeymoon! Fed up with the Oil Companies & the price of gas? Sick of watching gas prices climb? Tired of counting your pennies to top up your tank? We've got your gas covered! We'll set you up with $5,000 in gas vouchers. We'll let the wind blow you to Chicago in July to catch Chicago and the Doobie Brothers in concert together! You pick a concert, game or event in Calgary. We'll buy the tickets, rent the limo, pick up the dinner tab & supply the camera for pictures. This trip is for you and 5 of your entourage!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
86. White Wedding 87. New York, New York! 88. The Magrath Mulligan 89. Christmas Vacation 90. What, This Old Thing?
$5000 towards your Wedding! (1st…2nd…whatever) Trip for 2 to see ANY Broadway show in New York city. 18 rounds of 18 holes for you & a buddy with Power Cart at the Magrath Golf Club. Do NOT bring your own beer to this course… they'll git 'cha! You've always wanted to be the gaudiest guy on the block! A designer will design & purchase a decadent display of holiday cheer complete with thousands of lights. Even Clark Griswold would be proud! You need a new wardrobe! Even if you think you don't… you do! Get one! And with this much cash, pick up something nice for hubby too! $5000 shopping spree at the Mall!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00
91. CJOC Music Library 92. Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'   93. Wall Street 94. I'm Not Your Maid
A brand new Mac Air laptop, an iPod dock and a 32 Gig iPod touch to house all the music CJOC plays! There's nothing wrong with being single, but if you don't want to be then we can help! We'll cover the costs for whatever dating services you choose. Go on-line, place ads in papers, or make a video of yourself. Do it again & again until you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. It's on us! But we want a wedding invite!   There's no better time to invest than now with the financial consultant we're providing you. And you'll need his help 'cause we're gonna supply you with a whack of capitol to invest. How many times have you heard that? Ever thought about how cool it would be to have one? Now you've got one! For two years!
Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00   Max Value: $5,000.00 Max Value: $5,000.00